"These stories make the wall between worlds thrillingly thin."

The Mab

Short fantasy tales from an extraordinary team of writers

Published June 2022 | Format: Hardback, e-book

If you think you’ve heard all the fairy tales out there, think again. Inside this book you will find eleven epic Welsh tales from long ago, but not so far away, that are bound to enchant you. The Mab is a collection full to the brim with brand new versions of really, really old stories from the Mabinogi – maybe the oldest written-down stories in the history of Britain.

But as well as being really, really old, the stories in The Mab are strange and funny and thrilling. Alive with mystery and magic, they speak of a time when the gates between the Real World and the Otherworld were occasionally left open. And sometimes, just sometimes, it was possible to step through.

The stories in this illustrated edition have been reimagined for young readers by an extraordinary team of writers, and each appears alongside a Welsh-language translation. With illustrations by Max Low and a foreword by renowned actor Michael Sheen.

The cover of The Mab, illustrated by Max Low

Praise for The Mab

“Perfect for bringing to life a new, modern approach to the stories.”

Libraries 4 Schools

“The Mab is such a beautiful book. Funny, thrilling, mysterious and full of wonder.”

Piers Torday, author of The Wild Before

“The Mab brings the tales to life with verve and wit for a modern audience. The book is dual language and charmingly introduced by the actor Michael Sheen, who was an early supporter of the project.”

The Bookseller "One to Watch"

Explore The Mab Trail

Discover the stories of The Mab as you explore this interactive art and storytelling trail in the historic Welsh town of Pontypridd.

Uncover ancient magic in Berw Road Field, meet some wise and wonderful women in Ynysangharad Park, or climb the valley heights to Pontypridd Common to encounter a host of mythical creatures. CLICK HERE to begin your journey.

An illustrated image of colourful stars and circular patterns
A view of Pontypridd Old Bridge: an 18th century arched stone bridge over the river Taff. Trees and houses are visible in the background, illuminated by golden evening light.
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