A free short story about Wilmot's first delivery

Wilmot Goes Bananas

Have you ever wondered what life on board the Impossible Postal Express was like before Suzy joined the crew? Or what happened when Wilmot made his very first delivery? Find out in Wilmot Goes Bananas, a short story packed full of action, misadventure, and a whole pile of rather dangerous nuclear fruit.

This mini adventure was first published in the UK in 2018, in a special limited edition hardback of The Train To Impossible Places. Only a few thousand copies were printed, and the story hasn’t been available since then. But now it’s yours for free!

Just click the links below to access the story in PDF format, or select the MP3 file and listen to me read it to you instead. Better yet, why not spoil yourself and do both?

(Intro and outro music on the audio reading is taken from “USSR” by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com) Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 Licence)

Wilmot the postal troll. He is standing in a dark, featureless space and shining a torch into the darkness. A pair of shining eyes watch him from the shadows.

If you enjoy this little excursion to the Impossible Places, you’ll find another short story at the end of the UK edition of Delivery to the Lost City – the third and final Train to Impossible Places adventure. Find out more here.