"Epic magic and adventure by the train-load"
Delivery To The Lost City

Book 3 of The Train to Impossible Places Adventures

Published January 2021 | Formats: Harback (US only), paperback, e-book, audiobook

When the Impossible Postal Express magically arrives to collect Suzy, she sets off on her most difficult delivery yet. A mysterious talking book is stealing words and causing chaos across the whole of the Impossible Places!

The book must be returned to a city that’s been lost for thousands of years. But without a map to get there, Suzy and Wilmot’s journey plunges them into grave danger. And with time running out, it might not just be the knowledge in the Impossible Places that is lost for ever – Suzy and Wilmot could be too…

The cover of the UK edition of Delivery to the Lost City. Suzy waves from the front of an old steam train, which is travelling underwater. Brightly coloured fish and the roofs of old buildings surround it.

Praise for Delivery to the Lost City

“Full of adventure, magic and love, P.G. Bell has created something extremely lovely… surprising you with its strangeness and hitting you with an emotional kick when you least expect it.”

Rhiannon, Waterstones bookseller

“Delivers epic magic and adventure by the train-load.”

Sibéal Pounder, author of Witch Wars and Bad Mermaids

“The third book in the Impossible Places series does not disappoint. It’s immersive, refreshing and totally unique.”

Mrs C, Key Stage 2 teacher, Toppsta

“A triumph and an exhilarating read.”

Ellie Labbett, justimagine.co.uk

“Bell steams in with another extraordinary, exhilarating and inventive story.”

Lancashire Post
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