The Beanstalk Murder

A giant-sized whodunnit with a witchy twist


The Beanstalk Wars have been over for 100 years and peace has reigned between the human and giant worlds – until a dead giant falls from the sky onto the human village of Old Stump.

When trainee witch Anwen helps to examine the body, she discovers proof that it wasn’t the fall that killed him – a giant murderer is on the loose! Tasked with sending a message to the giant kingdom via beanstalk, Anwen and her nemesis, trainee sorceress Cerys, accidentally find themselves whipped up into the sky and deposited in the giants’ royal palace. There they discover that the dead giant was none other than the king – well-loved as a music star amongst his people, but not by the palace staff who worked for him…

Using their perfect spy-size and witchy skills, the girls must track down his killer – but how can you investigate a murder mystery when you risk being stepped on by your suspects?

An image of a giant beanstalk twisting into a clear blue sky. Yellow text reads "Publishing Early 2024"