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The paperback cover of The Train To Impossible Places. It's purple, and features Suzy and Wilmot flying above the train, which puffs yellow steam from its chimney.

The Train to Impossible Places

A train that travels through impossible worlds. A boy trapped in a snowglobe. And a girl who’s about to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

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The Great Brain Robbery

Suzy can’t believe her luck when a secret invitation magically appears – the Impossible Postal Express is ready to ride again! But the celebrations don’t last long when Trollville is hit by a terrible tremor, and a race against time begins…

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The cover of the UK edition of Delivery to the Lost City. Suzy waves from the front of an old steam train, which is travelling underwater. Brightly coloured fish and the roofs of old buildings surround it.

Delivery to the Lost City

All aboard for the rip-roaring final book in the bestselling Train to Impossible Places Adventures. When the Impossible Postal Express magically arrives to collect Suzy, she sets off on her most difficult delivery yet.

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The cover of The Mab, illustrated by Max Low

The Mab

If you think you’ve heard all the fairy tales out there, think again…

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Meet the Characters

Suzy’s adventures in the Impossible Places are full of weird and wonderful characters – from trolls, to ghosts, to bright yellow bears. Let me introduce you to a few of them.

US cover for The Train to Impossible Places

Read the first three chapters of The Train to Impossible Places

Read the opening chapters of the US edition of The Train to Impossible Places, with illustrations by Matt Sharack.

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