Delivery to the Lost City: pre-order the US paperback!

The US cover of "Delivery to the Lost City", illustrated by Matt Sharack. The cover illustration shows Suzy, an 11 year old human girl, Wilmot, her green troll friend, and the Chief, a ghostly explorer, looking out of the window of a flying rocket-powered caravan as it sails over a tropical ocean. A string of desert islands is visible below them, along with a floating railway line on which an old fashion steam train is visible.

Delivery to the Lost City: pre-order the US paperback!

Delivery to the Lost City: pre-order the US paperback! 625 1000 Peter Bell

Readers in North America will be able to get their hands on the paperback edition of Delivery to the Lost City from January 2022, but you can pre-order your copy today from my friends at Best of Books or Barnes & Noble. Alternatively, check out my Where to Buy page for even more options.

Pre-orders are one of the best ways to support your favourite authors. Not only do they help build momentum and word of mouth around a newly published title, they ensure that bookstores will have enough stock in place on launch day to satisfy demand. It also makes sure that publishers print enough copies to begin with! This is especially important at the moment, as Covid is squeezing supply chains worldwide, meaning books are taking much longer than usual to make it from the printers to bookstores. So if you want to make sure you and your fellow readers don’t miss out on Suzy’s latest adventure to the Impossible Places – packed with brilliant illustrations by Matt Sharack – please make sure to order in advance.


A black and white line illustration of the flying city of Propellendorf by Matt Sharack. The city is made up of a cluster of towers, skyscrapers and runways, held aloft by four enormous sets of rotorblades.