The Mab is coming!

Two hardback copies of The Mab lying together on a white background

The Mab is coming!

The Mab is coming! 500 500 Peter Bell

It’s high time I gave you some more news about The Mab – the brilliant new collection of short fantasy stories based on Welsh myths and folklore.  I’ve written a story for it, called Geraint, Enid & the Big Knight Fight, and if you enjoy the humour and action of the Train to Impossible Places series, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this too.

It’s got everything you could want from an epic adventure – action, romance, a tiny bearded man, and a trip to Cardiff.  It was lots of fun to write, and it’s going to rub shoulders with stories by ten other fantastic Welsh writers, including Sophie Anderson (The House With Chicken Legs), Claire Fayers (Storm Hound) and Darren Chetty (The Good Immigrant), all vividly illustrated by Max Low. I’ve added a few of his illustrations to this post, and I think you’ll agree they’re remarkable. To top it all off, the book includes a foreword by unofficial King of Wales, Michael Sheen (Good Omens, Staged, and a million other things you’ve enjoyed.)

Max Low's illustration for the story "Meadowseet and Murder", depicting a woman made of flowers

The Mab will be released in June 2022 but, because it’s a crowdfunded book, you’ve only got a few months left to pre-order your copy. The good news is that everyone who pre-orders gets their name in the acknowledgements, plus three of Max’s illustrations in postcard form. You can also choose additional rewards for yourself or a school library, if you fancy it. So don’t hang about, head over to The Mab‘s  pre-order page now, and treat yourself to some stories!

Max Low's illustration for the story of Rhiannon in The Mab. It depicts a terrifying black claw on a long, hairy arm, reaching in through the window of a castle to snatch a baby boy from his sleeping mother's arms.