Delivery to the Lost City – out now!

A copy of the UK edition of Delivery to the Lost City, sitting on top of a pile of envelopes on some wooden boards

Delivery to the Lost City – out now!

Delivery to the Lost City – out now! 2560 2560 Peter Bell

Delivery to the Lost City, the third and final Train to Impossible Places Adventure, was released in the UK this week, and I’m really excited by the reception it’s been getting.


The book features even more illustrations than usual by the super-talented Flavia Sorrentino. If you thought her previous work was impressive, you haven’t seen anything yet – sea monsters, living books, underwater cities… she makes them all jump off the page. And just in case one adventure isn’t enough for you, there’s a bonus short story featuring one of my favourite new characters at the end of the book. So while this may be the end of the line for Suzy and the crew of the Express, they’re going out in style!

It’s been wonderful to see the book making its way into so many readers’ hands already, and the early reviews have been really positive. Here are just a few from NetGalley:

“The adventure that Suzy and her gang find themselves on this time is the best yet in my opinion.”

“An amazing sequel to The Train to Impossible Places had me and my ten-year-old son on the edge of our seats. We were gripped and thrilled by the adventure!”

“Fast-paced, unpredictable and gripping. Bell’s imagination is seemingly-endless.”

If you’d like to order a copy, I always recommend starting with your local independent bookshop, which almost certainly has an online ordering service and needs your support more than ever during the new national lockdown. But you can also buy it from Hive (a great, ethical alternative to Amazon, which offers free UK postage on all orders) and Waterstones. An audiobook version will also be available soon.

You can find full details about Delivery to the Lost City right here on my website. Happy reading, everyone!