Welcome to the magical world of The Mab

Cover of The Mab illustrated by Max Low

Welcome to the magical world of The Mab

Welcome to the magical world of The Mab 510 680 Peter Bell

If you like stories with a dose of magic, strangeness and adventure, you’ll love The Mab, a brand new collection of tales from a host of Welsh artistic talent. I’m delighted to be contributing to it, and we need our readers to get involved as well.

The Mab is a collection of eleven epic Welsh tales – the oldest prose stories in Britain – retold for young readers. Here you’ll find accounts of King Arthur and his knights; of the giant Bendigeidfran and his life-giving cauldron; of the beautiful Blodeuwedd, a woman conjured from flowers; and the mysterious Otherworld, which overlaps our own. The stories are thrilling, funny and frequently bizarre, and shine a light into our distant past.

The cover of The Mab, illustrated by Max Low

This is the first time all eleven tales have been adapted for young readers, and each one will be retold by a different poet or author, including Sophie Anderson (The Girl Who Speaks Bear), Claire Fayers (Storm Hound), Hanan Issa (My Body Can House Two Hearts) and Nicola Davies (The Day the War Came). The collection will be edited by Children’s Laureate for Wales (and author of Wilde) Eloise Williams, and Matt Brown (Aliens Invaded My Talent Show), who will also each contribute a story. The whole thing will be beautifully illustrated by Max Low (Ceri & Deri). But you don’t need me to tell you about it when Matt can show you.

As Matt mentioned, we need YOUR help to make The Mab a reality. This is a crowdfunded project in partnership with Unbound, so we need as many readers as possible to pledge to buy a copy before any can go to print. The good news is that you won’t just get a copy of the hardback for your money. You’ll also get a free eBook edition, and you can earn additional rewards depending on the level of your pledge. These include signed copies, poster artwork by Max Low and, best of all, bonus copies of the book for the school of your choice. You can even earn virtual school visits from the authors, including me! We’d love this to become the standard version of these stories for a whole generation of readers, so please take a look at The Mab‘s page on Unbound, pledge if you’re able to, and spread the word far and wide.

CLICK HERE to visit The Mab at Unbound.