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The Train to Impossible Places

A train that travels through magical worlds. A boy trapped in a snowglobe. And a girl who’s about to go on the adventure of a lifetime. Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2019.

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The Great Brain Robbery

Join Suzy for her highly-anticipated second journey in The Great Brain Robbery, the sequel to the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize-shortlisted The Train to Impossible Places.

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The cover of the UK edition of Delivery to the Lost City. Suzy waves from the front of an old steam train, which is travelling underwater. Brightly coloured fish and the roofs of old buildings surround it.

Delivery to the Lost City

All aboard for the rip-roaring final book in the bestselling Train to Impossible Places Adventures. When the Impossible Postal Express magically arrives to collect Suzy, she sets off on her most difficult delivery yet.

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The cover of The Mab, illustrated by Max Low

The Mab

If you think you’ve heard all the fairytales out there, think again. A collection of short stories for young readers from a host of Welsh writers, including P.G. Bell.

An image of a giant beanstalk twisting into a clear blue sky. Yellow text reads "Publishing Early 2024"

The Beanstalk Murder

COMING IN 2024, a fun new fantasy adventure that fuses fairytale and murder mystery, in a cosy crime caper for readers aged 7+. US pre-orders now open!

A poster with the words "Coming Soon" written in white on a dark blue background

More adventures in 2024

A whole new adventure for young readers, expected in 2024. Stay tuned for details!

Hello, and welcome aboard!

I’m P.G. Bell, writer of The Train To Impossible Places series – high-speed fantasy adventures packed with action, magic, mystery and humour. This is the place to learn more about the books, as well as a bit about me.

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All aboard for a magical journey!

An extract from The Train To Impossible Places

P.G. Bell is on board a traveling post office – just like the one in The Train to Impossible Places adventures.

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The cover of The Mab, illustrated by Max Low

The Mab is almost here!

The Mab is almost here! 400 644 Peter Bell

We’re just two months away from The Mab hitting bookshelves, and lots of good things are happening.

The US cover of "Delivery to the Lost City", illustrated by Matt Sharack. The cover illustration shows Suzy, an 11 year old human girl, Wilmot, her green troll friend, and the Chief, a ghostly explorer, looking out of the window of a flying rocket-powered caravan as it sails over a tropical ocean. A string of desert islands is visible below them, along with a floating railway line on which an old fashion steam train is visible.

Delivery to the Lost City: pre-order the US paperback!

Delivery to the Lost City: pre-order the US paperback! 625 1000 Peter Bell

Readers in North America will be able to get their hands on the paperback edition of Delivery to the Lost City from January 2022, but you can pre-order your copy…

Two hardback copies of The Mab lying together on a white background

The Mab is coming!

The Mab is coming! 500 500 Peter Bell

It’s high time I gave you some more news about The Mab – the brilliant new collection of short fantasy stories based on Welsh myths and folklore.  I’ve written a…

The hardback covers of The Train to Impossible Places and The Great Brain Robbery side by side

Visit the Impossible Places for just £1.99!

Visit the Impossible Places for just £1.99! 1500 889 Peter Bell

Thanks to the good folk at Usborne Publishing, readers in the UK can pick up the first two Train to Impossible Places Adventures for just £1.99 each on Kindle.