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School Visits and Events

School Visits

One of my favourite things about being an author is getting out from behind my keyboard and meeting my readers. I visit schools all over the UK, and I often take part in literature festivals, library events and workshops. So if you’d like to know where I’ll be popping up next, or are interested in booking me for an event, you’re in the right place.

School visits are fun, informative, and can have a hugely positive impact on your pupils. Meeting a real-life author can not only energise their love of reading, it helps to demstify the writing process by showing them that authors are real people too.

I offer an entertaining author talk, and a highly interactive storytelling/creative writing workshop for Key Stage 2 children (Years 3 – 6). For full information, including fees and expenses, please contact me via the form below.

  • “Telling Impossible Tales”

    What’s your favourite bedtime story? Cast your mind back – I bet you can think of one. Because these are often the first stories we ever hear and, if we’re lucky, they’ll stay with us all our lives. In “Telling Impossible Tales”, I reveal how The Train To Impossible Places started life as a bedtime story, and explain how it grew into the final book. We take a whirlwind tour through the characters and storyline, before I invite the audience to brainstorm characters and settings for some brand new adventures. Finally, I explain how an eight year-old, who absolutely hated writing in school, grew up to become a full time author!

    This is a fun, funny and engaging session that encourages children to think about their own creativity, and gives them the confidence and inspiration they need to take the next step in developing their ideas. It culminates in a 10 minute Q&A, during which the children are welcome to quiz me on any subject they like, and is followed by a book sale and signing session. Maximum audience size: 300 pupils.

    P.G. Bell addresses children in a school assembly

    Photo by Liz Scott PR
  • “How to Build Your Story”

    We all love stories, but what really makes them tick? And how can we tell our own? This highly interactive workshop explores the three key building blocks of any good story and lets pupils put them into practice straight away. I’ll encourage them to ask questions and share ideas throughout, and they’ll finish the session with the beginnings of their own stories, and the tools they need to take them further. This is great for supercharging their creative writing skills. Maximum group size: 30 pupils.

    For more complete information about my school visits, or to request a booking, please get in touch via the contact form below. You might also want to check out the teacher’s notes based on the book, as well as additional activities and materials on my Extras page.

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